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Sunday, December 7, 2014



Good touch or Bad touch
- Save your children

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Dear friends, you all must be wondering why I am talking about such philosophical facts. Actually, Childhood is the most pliable, soft and sponge like stage of life when good/bad/ugly , all have equal chances of getting absorbed. Simultaneously, this is ‘the age’ when it’s very difficult to offer difficult, rather I should say ,heavy sex-related information to sink in their, yet not matured minds .
Across the world and especially India, child sexual abuse is on all time high. Mentality of people, especially adults, has been observed to be ‘SICK’ ….. when we hear cases of rape of minors ranging from a few months to few years.
In addition, to our dismay, we find these rapists to be someone in the extended family or in the school or in the vicinity/neighbourhood.
Heart cries and mind aches when we hear reports of rape of young toddlers, preschoolers or primary school children, who haven’t even matured sexually what to say about their mental growth . As soon as something come up in media like in recent past when this type of incident happened in a Bangluru school , lots of discussions start and we see print and tele-media and now social media also to be engaged in hot discussions with pensive or bold statements coming from all sectors - social, political leaders demanding ‘death punishments’ and the like .
It is a tragedy that none wants to derive solutions ……. They only debate to score high among the speakers and to remain in headlines. ......Poonam matia

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