मेरी मित्र सूची - क्या आप सूची में है ?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Deep sleep..........Hallmark of Ultimate joy

All have said that Death is horrible
Yet the 'Moksha' is considered divine.
How can the way to Divinity to be horrid?
Rarely we relish deep sleep !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mostly we all are hunting day and night.
Why ? The question remained unanswered.
For long the brain waves kept echoing
After reaching the dead end of a long tunnel
Yet, never Man has left his search
Neither have I stopped the race .
The Thoughts always leave me behind
Kept me running to match up the pace.
Tit bits of happiness do fall in the lap
Yet the greed is to snatch it all.
Sight of a new born brings tinkle in the eyes,
Crawling baby standing suddenly brightens the smile.
Yes, the life offers joy in bits and pieces. 
Arms of beloved do give oceans of warmth,
Feeding the young fills our belly ,too.
A hand raised in blessing draws away sky of fear
Yet, the search is always on to find the Ultimate
The question still persists, is death so horrid?
So much so to race against time and be avoided.
Does the joy of Uniting with the Invisible
Can only be relished on leaving the bodily envelope?
Can't the fruits of His eternal love
Be tasted in this so called 'Cursed' flesh and blood?
Roaming in the jungle of thoughts and their embodiment
Suddenly by heavenly grace came upon a light
Enlightening the panting soul, caressed like mother
Soul in flesh and blood do rest for a while
Do unite momentarily with the Creator
Lo! man, woman, be any age ,sex or creed
All bestowed with HIS aura of divine seize.
In the lone moments when Man is asleep
Sleeping with his worries at a bay ,
With worldly relations far beyond his reach
Death in a beautiful package of Life
Do come when we're deep asleep.
None of the desires 'Dharm, Arth ,Kaam ,Moksha'
Bind the body and mind, 
The fruits of ultimate happiness do quench
The thirsty souls with Nectar so divine.
The realization aptly removes the fear of Death.
If a dose,so tiny relinquishes the soul,
How can be the arms of DeathBe lesser than the arms of loving mother?......... Poonam matia'poonam'