मेरी मित्र सूची - क्या आप सूची में है ?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

मात-पिता, बंधू-सखा सम तुम्हे हम शीश नवायें

मात-पिता, बंधू-सखा सम 
तुम्हे हम शीश नवायें 
जीवन के अनमोल पाठ सब 
गुरुवर तुमरी कृपा से आयें ..... पूनम

A teacher is different from preacher. 
He doesn’t seclude himself from the process of teaching and learning.

He is an information giver and seeker, both.

He is a guiding force, a mentor, a person whose teachings act as support holding us upright in times of difficulty. 

He is also an initiator who changes mass opinion, who lets us discover ourselves as well as hidden paths leading us on to various inventions and discoveries .

Happy teacher's Day To u all ......... and my tribute to all my teachers ( parents ,teachers ,friends and foes who have contributed to my present being .)